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An important message from Acutia

An internal startup that leveraged Alltech’s more than 40 years of nutrition innovation, Acutia was fueled by the promise and possibilities of human health benefits. It was one of innumerable startups that were attracted to the abundant potential of the human health supplement market, bolstered by the trends of an aging population and greater interest in well-being. It is a hot — and crowded — market.

After a thorough review of the Acutia business and the investment required to move from a successful launch to sustained growth in this market, Alltech has decided to wind down its human health venture and focus on its core animal health and nutrition and crop science businesses. Nikki Putnam Badding stepped down as Acutia’s director on March 29 to open a new chapter in her professional career, including the establishment of a consultancy firm. Alltech will continue collaborating with Nikki on several projects.

Remaining Acutia inventory will be sold at through the end of September 2024. As we move forward, Alltech will look for more ways to continue to support the exciting science that inspired the Acutia business.

Thank you for supporting Acutia. We wish you well in your pursuit of sustainable wellness.  

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