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Cookie Policy

How does Acutia use cookies?

We use different types of cookies for different things, such as:

User-centric security cookies to make sure you are able to login properly, detect authentication abuse and enhance security.

User interface customization cookies to store a user’s preference regarding a service across web pages.

Analyzing how you use our website.
Giving you a better, more personalized experience.
Improving the functionality of our website using third party tools.

Continue reading to learn more about the different kinds of cookies we use.

Third Party Cookies:

These cookies are set by someone other than the owner of the website you’re visiting. Some Acutia web pages may also contain content from other sites like SoundCloud, Brightcove, Hubspot and social networks, which may set their own cookies. Also, if you share a link to an Acutia product or content page, the service you share it on (for example, Facebook) may set a cookie on your browser. We have no control over third-party cookies – you can turn them off using your browser settings, but not through us.

Preference Settings:

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