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About Acutia
About Acutia
Wellness Has Its Benefits

Acutia is committed to enhancing everyday nutrition while supporting your long-term health and well-being.
Our supplements are created to complement your lifestyle and support your pursuit of sustainable wellness.

Why We Do It

We are driven by the belief that supplements should be safe, effective, reliable and of the highest quality. Acutia supplements are meticulously developed and analyzed by our team of dietitians and scientists, with independent experts further reviewing our products. Our supplements are sustainably packaged, so you can support a healthy future for yourself and the planet!

The Science Of Sustainable Wellness

At Acutia, our innovative approach to health is sustainable wellness, supporting the long-term health of both people and the planet we all share. Our dietary supplements are based on the latest nutrition science and are carefully crafted from the lab through the production process, working with both internal and independent experts to ensure their quality. 

Discover the science behind our supplements.

Acutia is committed to providing reliable supplements that not only enhance your nutrition today but also contribute to your long-term wellness.

Our health depends on the planet we all share. Acutia’s supplements are sustainably packaged to help reduce waste and support sustainability efforts for a more abundant future.

Our Materials Matter

Our complimentary starter kit includes a reusable glass jar for refills and a travel container. Don’t need them? Reduce packaging by opting out!


Bio-based refill packets are 100% compostable and mailed in envelopes made from 100% recycled materials.


By partnering with a carbon removal marketplace, we offset the environmental impact of shipping.

Meet The Team
Mark Lyons, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mark Lyons
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mark Lyons received his bachelor’s degree in political science and environmental science in 1999 from the University of Chicago and both his master’s degree in brewing and distilling and his Ph.D. in solid-state fermentation from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He has published papers and patents in areas ranging from enzyme production to global economics and is interested in the assurance of food safety and quality throughout the entire food chain. Mark is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, and he has a working knowledge of Mandarin.

In addition to serving as the CEO of Acutia, Mark is also the president and CEO of Alltech. In 2019, he launched a vision of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™, calling for collaboration across the global agri-food industry in order to provide nutritious food for all while preserving the Earth’s resources. Acutia is a natural extension of that bold vision, allowing for the direct support of people in their pursuit of improved wellness.

Mark is also passionate about running and making a positive difference in the lives of others. In 2021, he committed to running 1,000 miles in a year. He currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife, Holly, and their two cats, Cedric and Gryffin.

Ronan Power, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Ronan Power
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Ronan Power has more than 30 years of experience in research and management. In addition to his role as chief scientific officer at Acutia, Ronan also serves as the chief scientific officer at Alltech — overseeing more than 100 researchers across more than 20 research alliances and five bioscience centers worldwide — and he is also the vice president of Alltech Life Sciences, a division dedicated to researching gut and brain health in humans.

Since joining Alltech as the European director of research in 1991, Ronan has been closely involved in the development of both Alltech’s and Acutia’s product portfolios. He maintains a broad range of research interests related to animal nutrition and human health, with an emphasis on preventing syndromes and diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction.

Ronan received his bachelor’s degree in microbiology and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the National University of Ireland, where he also served as an adjunct professor. Afterward, he completed his postdoctoral training in cell biology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where he studied the structure-function relationships of steroid hormone receptors.

A native of Ireland, Ronan is currently based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Alexandros Yiannikouris, Ph.D. Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris
Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris grew up in a college town nestled in the volcanic Chaîne des Puys in central France. With a passion for science that developed at an early age, Alexandros received his doctoral degree in biochemistry in 2004 from Blaise Pascal University, as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in cellular biology, microbiology and parasitology and a master’s degree in pharmacology, human nutrition and food science.

As the senior scientific advisor to Acutia, Alexandros provides his expertise in biochemistry, analytical chemistry and nutrition to the formulation of Acutia products. Additionally, he holds two research director positions with the divisions of chemistry and toxicology and mycotoxin management within Alltech. Alexandros also serves as an adjunct assistant professor in the department of animal and food sciences at the University of Kentucky. He has given lectures in more than 50 different countries and has published over 100 scientific publications and international communications.

With family roots across Europe, Alexandros values a multi-cultural environment, embracing human diversity through travel. An athlete at heart, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding.

Nikki Putnam Badding, MS, RDN, LD Managing Director and Chief Dietitian

Nikki Putnam Badding
Managing Director and Chief Dietitian

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, Nikki Putnam Badding brings human health expertise to her role as managing director of Acutia. Her passion for supporting the long-term health of people and implementing sustainable practices guided her journey to help develop and launch Acutia as part of Alltech’s intrapreneurship program.

A native of the midwestern U.S., Nikki received a bachelor’s degree and completed her dietetic internship at Iowa State University. She received a master’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Kentucky, where she conducted research examining the food environment as a determinant for obesity and community-based behavioral interventions, with a focus on chronic disease prevention. Prior to joining Alltech, Nikki served as a nutrition expert for Hy-Vee supermarkets.

Nikki is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is an executive committee member of its practice group, Dietitians in Business and Communications. As the director of human nutrition initiatives at Alltech, Nikki has travelled the world, delivering lectures in more than 20 countries.

If you are in San Antonio, Texas, you might see Nikki completing challenging workouts, enjoying a good bourbon, preparing minimal-food-waste meals, searching for the best pho in the city or biking with her husband, Nate, and son, Quinn.

About Our Parent Company

Acutia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alltech, a global leader in the animal health industry. Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech delivers smarter, more sustainable solutions for agriculture. Their products improve the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for consumers while reducing the environmental impact of agri-food.

In 2019, Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, launched a future-focused vision of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™, which calls for greater collaboration across the global food supply chain in order to ensure enough nutrition for all while caring for the planet we share.

Acutia is a natural extension of Alltech, combining science and sustainability to provide high-quality supplements that support everyday nutrition and long-term wellness.

Acutia supplements are developed with the support of Alltech Life Sciences, which applies Alltech’s more than 40 years of research experience, innovation and scientific expertise to human health.

At Acutia, our innovative approach to health is based on sustainable wellness, supporting the long term health of both people and the planet we all share.

Mark Lyons, Ph.D.

President and CEO

With a purpose-driven mission of sustainable wellness at the forefront of our research, we have generated a suite of supplements designed to help people everywhere live their best lives.
44,025,000+ supplements donated annually since 2011
Philanthropic Initiatives

At Acutia, philanthropy is a cornerstone of our culture, and we are utilizing our resources to make a difference. We believe all our activities should be guided by a sense of purpose, which drives our commitment to supporting the health and well-being of people around the world, making good nutrition accessible for all.

We have therefore partnered with SelCare International, a Canadian-based charity, to extend our reach to help underserved people living with HIV/AIDS in developing nations.

Through a long-standing relationship between SelCare International and Alltech, Acutia’s parent company, Acutia donates raw material nutrients to SelCare for manufacturing and distribution via their charitable network in Zambia and Malawi, Africa. Since 2011, our partnership has allowed for the donation of more than 44,025,000 supplements annually, which helps more than 11,000 people in need. With your help, we can have an even greater impact on the lives of others. Your purchase of Acutia supplements helps support our mission of making good nutrition accessible for all.

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