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An important message from Acutia

An internal startup that leveraged Alltech’s more than 40 years of nutrition innovation, Acutia was fueled by the promise and possibilities of human health benefits. It was one of innumerable startups that were attracted to the abundant potential of the human health supplement market, bolstered by the trends of an aging population and greater interest in well-being. It is a hot — and crowded — market.

After a thorough review of the Acutia business and the investment required to move from a successful launch to sustained growth in this market, Alltech has decided to wind down its human health venture and focus on its core animal health and nutrition and crop science businesses. Nikki Putnam Badding stepped down as Acutia’s director on March 29 to open a new chapter in her professional career, including the establishment of a consultancy firm. Alltech will continue collaborating with Nikki on several projects.

Remaining Acutia inventory will be sold at through the end of September 2024. As we move forward, Alltech will look for more ways to continue to support the exciting science that inspired the Acutia business.

Thank you for supporting Acutia. We wish you well in your pursuit of sustainable wellness.  

Reclaim Your Microbiome Through the Gut

Acutia Gut Health Heart Hands Image

We contain multitudes — especially in the gut, which houses around 100 trillion microbial cells. With 10x more microbial cells than in our entire body (Flint, H.J., 2012), the gut is a significant component of the microbiome — the collection of all bacteria, fungi, and viruses that naturally live on and within our bodies.

Have you heard of the “second brain”? The gut earns the term from its enteric nervous system (ENS), which may independently regulate our digestive functions. The ENS is connected to the central nervous system (CNS) through a pathway known as the brain-gut-axis, which means our gut may even influence our emotions and behaviors (Li, J. H., et al., 2020).

More than bloating and irregularity

Emerging research goes beyond bloating and irregularity to emphasize the role of the gut in our overall health. One study even predicted type 2 diabetes more accurately through gut microbiome composition than body mass index (Karlsson, F. H., et al., 2013).

Gut health has been linked to:

  • Mental health
  • Immune system
  • Skin health
  • Sleep quality
  • Inflammation
  • Food intolerances
  • Autoimmune conditions

Stats and studies aside, we know when something is off with our bodies. There are several options if you are having gut health issues or if you want to improve your overall health.

How do I rebalance my gut?

The gut contains good and bad bacteria, so you want to help the good bacteria flourish and keep the bad ones in check. Certain nutrients help the gut find its balance. Let’s explore their differences and benefits:

Prebiotics are food for living bacteria

Prebiotics feed bacteria, helping to sustain healthy levels. Prebiotic strains such as xylooligosaccharides (XOS) selectively promote the growth of good bacteria, including Bifidobacteria. One of the most important types of bacteria, Bifidobacteria digests fiber and creates vital nutrients. Unlike humans, bacteria also have the enzymes needed to synthesize B vitamins (Martens, J. H., et al., 2002), which is one of the many reasons good bacteria are so incredible and why we include XOS in Acutia Gut Health.

Probiotics are living bacteria

Probiotics are living, beneficial microorganisms. The addition of good bacteria in your gut supports your immune system and digestion and produces certain vitamins. The heat sensitivity of probiotics can make them difficult to store without losing their effectiveness.

Postbiotics are leftover nutrients

After digesting prebiotics and probiotics, postbiotics are leftover nutrients that support a healthy bacterial balance. Postbiotics — including the Lactobacillus LB found in Acutia Gut Health — strengthen the gut lining and create a barrier against bad bacteria. Also, since postbiotics are heat-treated and dried, they’re incredibly stable, making them an ideal addition to a supplement. 

-Biotic supplements vs. foods with -biotics

Humans have been utilizing live cultures for centuries. When comparing -biotics from food and -biotics from supplements, it’s important to note that taking a clinically studied -biotic isn’t the same as eating active cultures in fermented foods. Supplements are designed to deliver a certain dose that can survive stomach acid and provide health benefits. Foods such as yogurt or kimchi use a naturally occurring process involving -biotics as part of their production. So, comparing food to a concentrated supplement is a bit like comparing apples to oranges, or comparing -biotic supplements to foods with -biotics!

How 3 active ingredients work together

Jar countertop with vegetables

There are many options for supporting gut health, and most supplements contain some combination of -biotics.    

Acutia Gut Health contains postbiotics as they offer similar benefits to probiotics without the potential side effects (ŻółkiewiczJ, et al.,2020). Postbiotics — including the Lactobacillus LB in Acutia Gut Health — help maintain bacterial balance by strengthening the gut lining, creating a barrier against pathogens, and supporting your body’s immune response.

The prebiotic XOS source found in Acutia Gut Health was selected for its ability to provide significant health benefits in a low dose with minimal gastrointestinal side effects.  

Acutia Gut Health also contains the amino acid L-glutamine. It helps strengthen and maintain the intestinal barrier that protects against harmful bacteria, toxins and food particles that can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation.  

The unique 3-in-1 combination of a prebiotic, postbiotic, and L-glutamine in Acutia Gut Health means you can ease digestive upset quickly and improve gut health over time with one supplement. 

Start Your Gut Health Journey

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